Monday, April 18, 2005

Singapore Swing

Back in January of 1997 I made a business trip to Singapore for a former employer. My task was to install a SAM unit at a Seagate facility, and train the employees on its use. Seagate is a computer hard drive manufacturer. A SAM unit is a Static Attitude Measurement system that is used in quality control. It measures the static attitude of a head gimbal assembly, the part of a hard drive that reads and writes to the hard disc.

I spent Sunday to Thursday in Singapore, and it was one of the most enjoyable treks of my life. Here I begin by posting installment one in a series of photos taken, in roughly chronological order. I took my camera of course, not knowing if I would ever return to Singapore again. As of this posting I have not returned but it is on my list of trips to complete.

Some of the photos I took (or had taken by a friendly passerby) make me laugh today. Not because the photos themselves are funny, but for the fact that I took them at all. My intent was to document the whole trip, start to finish. If I am accused of being a typical googly-eyed tourist, I plead guilty as charged.

The first photo in Singapore was taken just as I got off the plane. I asked my stewardess to be in the photo with me, and this adorable girl kindly agreed. She is wearing that trademark uniform of a Singapore Airlines stewardess.

Next in the Series: Part II

Photo Copyright 2005 by Impacted Wisdom Truth

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