Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Singapore Swing Part VII

Adjacent to Singapore is Sentosa Island. It is a beautiful place, with a museum, zoo, golf courses, and beautiful beaches. There are two main ways to get to the island, one being a ferry and the other being an aerial tramway. I decided to try each one, and so I took the aerial tramway across and the ferry on the way back.

The four pictures below are taken from the tram. The last one is on Sentosa Island. The tram car had windows, so you will see reflections in some of the photos.

Looking forward toward the tram terminal on Sentosa Island. Note the ships at anchor in the far distance awaiting either to offload or to load cargo. Also note the cruise ships at anchor between the mainland and the island.

Looking out one side. This way is back toward the downtown business district.

Looking the other way, a nice view of the shipping channel:

Upon disembarking, one is immediately greeted by a water-breathing dragon. If memory serves, the mouth is animated and opens and closes. But do not quote me on that one.

Next in the Series: Part VIII

Photos Copyright 2005 by Impacted Wisdom Truth

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