Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Northridge Earthquake

The Northridge Earthquake took place twelve years ago today. Has it really been that long? Tempus Fugit.

Rather than rehash things in this space, permit me to link to my previous post about the event. I updated the post with several more photos not previously included. All the photographs linked in the post are ones that I took the following Sunday after the quake. Notice the Kaiser Permanente picture in the post.

While taking that picture, I ran into Phil Johnson of Pyromaniac. Phil and two of his boys were also out taking photos that day, and I accidentally encountered them as we were both taking photos of the Kaiser building at the same time. Our vantage point was the parking lot of a McDonald's restaurant at the corner of Devonshire and Balboa. That McDonald's no longer exists there, and the place where the building stood is now an empty lot.

I hope you click over to my earlier post, click through to the photographs and read my personal experience of that day. And be glad if you do not live in earthquake country.