Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"Totally Incompatible"!

James Taranto at Opinion Journal has an interesting post regarding the fetid leftist reactions toward a Christian publishing house that wants to donate Bibles to displaced persons from the Hurricane Katrina tragedy.

The post is entitled The Book the Angry Left Loves to Hate (scroll down). The fact that the left hates Bibles is not a surprise to any Christian. Says Taranto: "...it's quite astonishing that the Bible would inspire such hatred, especially from people who supposedly don't believe in it."

Well, that is precisely why it inspires such hatred. Here is a personal anecdote that further illustrates that fact.

Many years ago (about 1988) I went out to Hollywood Boulevard with some friends to share religious tracts. I approached a man carrying an armload of communist party newspapers he was selling. I said to him, "I do not want to buy one of your papers, but I would like to give you this" and I held out a tract to him.

He eyed it warily and asked, "what's that"?

I said, "it is the gospel of Jesus Christ."

He jumped back (both of his feet literally left the ground) and he shouted, "NO! NO! The ideologies are totally incompatible. TOTALLY INCOMPATIBLE!"

Perhaps that can explain the harsh leftist reaction to distributing free Bibles? Unbelief is easy, but denial is hard work.

You can read more on leftists and the Bible at my earlier post on the subject.

Props: Lucianne

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