Saturday, May 21, 2005

Singapore Swing Part XI

Okay, I finally escaped from Sentosa Island. But not before a delicious meal. At the terminus of the monorail was a restaurant that looked interesting so I walked in. The place was veritably deserted. The staff greeted me in a most friendly way--the service people in Singapore are almost embarrassingly kind to visitors. I asked to sit on the balcony overlooking the port, and was instantly accommodated. The Lobster Thermador was my choice and it was heavenly.

Just below the balcony was a young Chinese newlywed couple, still clad in their wedding garb, being put through the paces by their wedding photographer. The look of youthful joy on their faces was infectious. I cannot help but smile even as I write this; my memory of the joy of the scene is that strong.

With a gourmet meal in my belly, I returned to my hotel.

Now I digress. A day or two earlier I had called another local hotel to contact a former coworker of mine that was also in Singapore on business for his new employer. I left a message for him and later that day we were able to speak over the telephone. He invited me to join him at still another hotel where his girlfriend and one of his brothers were playing in their rock band.

I immediately accepted the invitation. It was good to see my old coworker again, and I sat with him, his girlfriend, and his brother for this photo. My old coworker is the little guy in the checked shirt:

The waitress came by and asked me if I what I wanted to drink. I ordered a 7-Up, as I did not want any alcohol. She brought me my soft drink. It was in one of those tall and narrow bar glasses, and was mostly filled with ice. I was not prepared for what the waitress was to say next:

"That will be nine dollars, sir."

(Nine Singapore dollars, equal to about $6.43 USD at the then current exchange rate)

After I picked my brain up off the floor and carefully put it back into my skull, I paid for the drink.

I asked my compatriots what they were paying for the pitchers of beer that they were consuming. "Thirty-eight dollars" was the reply. Each. After savoring my nine dollar soda pop, I stuck with drinking ice water. The waitress began to giggle at me each time she came by to get us more drinks. "...And another ice water for you, sir?" (snicker, snort)

Oh well. At least the band was good. Note my coworker's girlfriend is the lead singer and his brother, the only male member of the band, is the lead guitarist. The angle of the photo obscures the girl on drums. What I really like about the photo is the bass player, on the right. The camera caught her at a moment when she was really feeling funky.

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Photos Copyright 2005 by Impacted Wisdom Truth

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