Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Singapore Swing Part IX

Sentosa Island is the location of the Merlion and Merlion Walk. The Merlion is the symbol of Singapore, a mythical creature that is half lion and half fish.

The Merlion on Sentosa Island is one hundred and twenty one feet tall and offers a spectacular view of both the island and the South China Sea. I am quite fond of water views, whether natural or man-made, and Sentosa offers both. This first picture is one I took of the Merlion upon my approach.

After parting with a little gelt, one can walk upstairs inside the Merlion and look out the mouth (note the teeth in the photo below). The photo came out quite dark and I had to play with the brightness and contrast for a time to make it as good as it is. Unfortunately, that process blew out the sky completely.

Here is a small bit of the Merlion Walk, a beautiful fountain and pool cascade. Note the bright colors and the individual tile mosaic. It was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. If you would like to take a virtual tour of the Merlion Walk, Click Here.

From the top of the Merlion one had a panoramic view of the sea. Singapore is a major shipping port, as it is a free trade zone. Hence the island is continually ensconced within a fleet of merchant ships awaiting either to load or offload cargo.

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