Monday, November 15, 2010

Musical Monday #84

Saw John at the Hollywood Bowl last August. Great show, great guitar playing. Yeah, he has had his public peccadilloes, but he is a great artist. To me, the thing that shows an artist's true ability is how well they perform live. Mayer sounds as good or better live than he does recorded, where the bag of tricks is much larger, and can be employed at leisure. The immediacy of a live show limits the gloss one might apply. And he sounded great. The song below is from a show recorded live in 2007, I have not seen any video of the Hollywood Bowl show.

I also would like to give a thanks to Tay Kewei for posting John's winter tour video. That is the video that caused me to discover his music. Kewei is also a singer/songwriter, and her blog is here.