Friday, September 08, 2006

Lileks on Negativism

James Lileks has had enough. Today's Bleat is a classic knockdown of the naysayers; scroll down past his tale of the carpet cleaners, if that part of the Bleat does not tickle your fancy. James is spot-on, as usual:

It takes an adolescent to think that people who believe in nothing are the best judges of those who believe in something.


Look: there’s always a place for the bitchers, the carpers, the griefers, the snipers, the angry marginal sorts flinging poo from the cages of their own beliefs. But it’s not the pessimists who will save the West. It’ll be those who believe the West is worth saving, and not because it is the least horrible option whose defense must be prefaced with endless apologies, but because it really is the best hope we have. Would you rather be a libertarian in China? A Christian in Sudan? A Zoroastran in Iran? A lesbian in Saudi Arabia?

Read the whole thing.

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