Thursday, December 29, 2005

Florida Teen Travels to Baghdad--Alone

A Florida teen of Iraqi parents decided to travel to Baghdad--without telling his parents. This Associated Press exclusive is one incredible story, and the boy is very fortunate to be alive.

His name is Farris Hassan, which immediately brings up the comparison to "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." He was taking a class in school in "Immersion Journalism" and decided to put it into practice, telling only two high school buddies of his plans. Photo of Farris here.

The money quote:
"There is a struggle in Iraq between good and evil, between those striving for freedom and liberty and those striving for death and destruction," he wrote.

"Those terrorists are not human but pure evil. For their goals to be thwarted, decent individuals must answer justice's call for help. Unfortunately altruism is always in short supply. Not enough are willing to set aside the material ambitions of this transient world, put morality first, and risk their lives for the cause of humanity. So I will."

"I want to experience during my Christmas the same hardships ordinary Iraqis experience everyday, so that I may better empathize with their distress," he wrote.
Foolish or not, the kid sure has moxie.

UPDATE: Hassan's essay is here.

Props: KisP and Lucianne

Iraq Map: CIA World Factbook

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