Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas 1968

This year I am staying put; it is one of the rare Christmas days I am not spending with my family. We are all scattered now, and spending Christmas together means that two of us must fly to be with the others regardless of whom is hosting Christmas. I have a sister in Chicago, whom lives with her husband and daughter, and a mother in Florida. We are all staying in our respective states this year. So I decided to get out some old photo albums and take a look at Christmases past.

The pictures below are from Christmas 1968. They were taken in the basement of our family home in Michigan. The basement was furnished, as you can see, and functioned as an entertainment room and a family room. I have great memories of good times in that basement. Everything from my dad's work buddies coming over to play poker, to the times we spent together as a family watching television, and everything in between. On this particular occasion, we stood one by one by the tree to commemorate the occasion. Photos with all four of us are rare since either mom or dad had to be the one behind the camera.

First, Mom:

And then, Dad:

My Sister, whom is four years older than me:

And finally, Me:

My parents usually hosted a Christmas party at some point during the season. I often ended up being the one to fetch the beer. Since it is cold in Michigan, our back porch would be the auxiliary freezer and refrigerator for beverages and food. The porch was carpeted and screened. In the winter we put plastic sheeting over the screens to keep out the snow. If there was not enough room in the fridge or freezer to store food during the winter, just cover the dish and set it on the porch. The porch was actually colder than the fridge or freezer anyway. Those that live in warmer climates do not have the luxury of a carpeted walk-in freezer! At least for a few months out of the year, anyway.

So to all I wish a great Christmas day. And I hope you have lovely memories like the ones I have that the pictures above represent.

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