Friday, August 26, 2005

Slam That Spam

Take control of spam!

For my fellow Blogspot bloggers who are experiencing spam in your comments, a question: do you know about the feature in Blogger known as "Show Word Verification For Comments"?

This blog was getting spam until I enabled the “Show word verification for comments” feature. This Blogspot feature helps eliminate spam.

To enable the feature, go to your Blogger Dashboard>Settings>Comments> Show word verification for comments (dot the “show word verification…” option). Also, make sure you have the "only registered users" option selected for the "Who Can Comment"? option, found on the same page as the "show word verification" option. Allowing anonymous comments is of dubious value and is only an invitation for spam.

Then republish your whole blog.

This adds a feature that requires commenters to type in a string of letters they see displayed in a distorted JPEG of those letters. The spam-bots can read text but cannot read the distorted JPEG. If you want to see what I mean, go to any post on this blog and click on the comments link. Then click “post a comment” and you will see what I mean about the distorted JPEG and the requirement to type in the letters to add a comment.

I have not had one instance of spam since I enabled that feature. Consign that spam to the infernal regions where it belongs.

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