Monday, August 08, 2005

NASA Scrubs Shuttle Landing for 24 Hours

Watching NBC affiliate Channel 4 here in Los Angeles...

The NASA flight director for the Space Shuttle Discovery could not "get comfortable" with the "unstable" nature of the weather at the landing strip in Florida. As a result, the landing has been waved off for 24 hours.

The shuttle has three possible landing sites in Florida, California, and New Mexico. Failing the primary landing site in Florida, my sense is that the California site would be preferred over New Mexico. To my knowledge, the shuttle has never landed in New Mexico, but California landings are familiar.

In the late 1980's and early 1990's I worked in Tarzana, California. During that time the shuttle would land in the Mojave Desert area north of Los Angeles. When the shuttle made its final approach, a double sonic boom could be heard in Tarzana (and the whole San Fernando Valley, for that matter).

I applaud the caution of Mission Control for waving off the shuttle. The last thing we need is a case of "home fever" causing an accident. NASA pays the flight director for one thing in particular--his judgment. I believe he made the right call.

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